Tips for Selecting Kids’ Travel Toys

A travel toy can make a trip go by in a flash. Despite what advertisers want you to believe, there is no single perfect travel toy. The best travel toy is a collection of activities and small toys. A DVD player or hand-held video game is great for a short time, but the novelty wears off or the batteries die and boredom starts. Navigate the options to find the best unplugged travel activities for your next trip.

Think outside the box. While your child may love cars, a bag of cars will not keep him entertained for the entire trip – plus kids are notoriously fickle. The minute you pack only cars is the time they decide they hate cars. Definitely include some cars but also include some other related toys (car stickers, toy trains and airplanes, for example). Now, add some completely unrelated items. In this instance, some bugs and a magnifying glass, a ball toss toy and/or some bendable figures would round out the toys.

Strive for a variety of activities. The best way to prevent boredom is to engage all aspects of the mind. Coloring books, activity books and coloring crafts are perfect for travel but get boring quickly. Include small toys, action figures, small animals to encourage pretend play and creativity. Doodle pads and stickers can be used to create stories. Wind up other novelty toys are just plain fun.

Always pack a few new items for the trip home. A fresh coloring book, new craft, different sticker and a few new toys will bring the excitement back to the entire bag of activities!

Keep it the travel activities a surprise. Let the kids pick out a few favorite toys for the trip but keep the majority of activities a surprise. Make the excitement of going through the activity bag is half the fun.

How much to bring is an on-going battle. On some trips, only one or two things will engage the kids for hours. On other trips it will take an entire bag of 50 items. Generally between 15 – 20 different activities will suffice for up to an eight-hour journey. Stash unused things for your next trip!