Get Paid to Travel – Five Careers in Travel That Pay

Want to get paid to travel? There are dozens of careers in travel that are not only rewarding, but also pay well.

Some of these opportunities involve finding a salaried or hourly wage-paying job, like becoming a traveling nurse, an airline hostess or pilot, a traveling chef, a cruise ship worker, yacht crew member, a massage therapist or hospitality worker at a resort.

There are several other travel careers that are easy to enter, let you go wherever you please, make money as you go, and even earn royalties for years from the work you do today.

Not only that, but you have the choice whether you want to make this your full-time occupation, or only a part-time travel job, when you have the time and desire to see the world, and make money doing it.

Get Paid to Travel Career #1: Lead Tours for Fun and Profit

Do you have an interest like yoga, wine tasting, cooking (or simply eating), writing poetry, painting, coffee, art history, or snorkeling? If you have a hobby, an academic interest, or particular expertise, you can find people with similar interests to pay you to take them on vacations with you.

Know something about wine? Lead a tour of wine country in Argentina, Italy, South Africa, even Morocco or China.

Get paid to lead tours to your favorite places in the world, or to the places you have always wanted to go.

Though you do not need to become a travel agent to lead tours for profit, you can make more money if you do have the ability to book the airfares, cruises, and accommodations of your clients yourself.

Get Paid to Travel Career #2: Make Travel Videos

Video sharing sites like YouTube are very popular, and resorts will pay you to create videos for them in the hopes of getting more business.

There is very little barrier to entry in this field, and not much competition. In fact, you can get started with a Flip recorder, or even the video camera on your phone. If you have $400 or $500 to invest in a quality digital video camera, you can make even more profit by creating travel videos to sell on Amazon.

You will need a laptop and some video editing software – and the desire to have complimentary stays at some of the world’s best resorts while they pay you to work!

Get Paid to Travel Career #3: Write Travel Articles

If you can write a postcard, then travel writing may be the career for you. Many publications look for short reviews of restaurants and hotels from new writers. Then, as you become more established, you can get paid more for longer articles.

Better yet, often resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other travel-related businesses will offer you their services at no charge in return for a review.

In most cases, you can republish the same article a number of times, drawing a check each time the article is printed in a different publication.

You might at some point want to write a travel guidebook, for which you could earn royalties. You can also publish your articles on web travel directories that share advertising revenues with writers.

Get Paid to Travel Career #4: Sell Your Travel Photos

There are several ways to make money with a career in travel photography.

You can combine travel writing and photography to earn more by submitting photos with your articles.

Also, you can upload your photos to online stock photography sites, and every time someone buys your photo from the agency, you earn a commission.

Even if you don’t have your own website, you can sell your travel photos online in a number of ways. You can sell prints of all sizes, posters, postcards, calendars, screen savers, even t-shirts and coffee mugs with your images on them.

You can also sell your work as fine art from the walls of coffee shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Get Paid to Travel Career #5: Start a Travel Publication

With your own website and newsletter, you can combine as many of the above methods as you want. You can publish only the content you create – articles, photos, and videos – or you can invite others to submit their work to your site, too.

Having a quality website gives you instant credibility and immediately establishes you as an expert in your field, whether it’s luxury travel, cruises, coffee, yoga, wine, or any other interest.

You can make money through advertising, promoting your tour business, selling your photos, and by referrals to hotels and other travel businesses.

These five careers in travel can not only help you get complimentary stays in resorts all over the world, but they also allow you to actually get paid to travel.

Where Can You Find the Best Travel Holiday Deals?

Booking your holiday is one of the biggest decisions you will make all year, so you should consider carefully where the best place is to book travel holiday deals, as this can save you a lot of money!

Most people are now booking their package holidays online, as the bigger tour operators such as Thomas Cook, Direct Holidays, and Virgin holidays all offer exclusive, extra discounts when you book online. This makes commercial sense for tour operators as they cut out the staff costs as their websites can offer prices and availability as well as reviews and even videos of selected hotels.

However, there are still some advantages if you are booking with your local travel agent. Firstly, you have that personal touch that websites can’t offer and your travel agent may also be an expert as they have visited many destinations and can offer advice based on your needs.

Travel agents are often sent on educational visits so they can get a feel for holiday resorts and hotels and can pass on their feedback to customers to help inform them before booking their holiday.

Another advantage when booking with your travel agent locally is that you can pop in and make regular payments to your holiday. Many older people still don’t use their credit cards online so they prefer this option.

However, despite these plus points there is one big factor when you are deciding on the best holiday deal and that’s the price! Booking your package holiday online can save you up to 10% and if we assume the average holiday spend is about £2000 then you are saving £200!

Booking holidays online is becoming more popular and the main reason is simply the lower prices available.

Canon Powershot SX130 IS Review: The Best Travel-Zoom Camera for Beginners and Serious Photographers

Canon has always been known to create cameras that are user friendly yet still more than capable of giving rock solid performance out of the box. One of the best cameras to encapsulate Canon’s dual identity as makers of simple yet competent cameras is the Canon Powershot SX130 IS. Boasting high quality picture and video capability with a simple interface, this is the type of camera that both beginners and serious photographers can appreciate. But is it good enough for travel purposes? We’ll see in this Canon Powershot SX130 IS Review.

This camera was first released in 2010 as the most inexpensive camera in their product line that features a megazoom feature. Two other cameras that are closely related to it include the SX210 IS and the SD4500 IS. Priced at 249 dollars during the time of its release, it is a very cost effective way to have a digital camera. So at least on the surface, this Canon Powershot SX130 IS review is progressing quite nicely. But what else can this camera provide?

Arguably the best thing it can provide is strong photo quality that can give more expensive cameras a run for its money. Its sensor is rated at 12.1 megapixels, an optical zoom that reaches up to 12x, and optical image stabilization. The image stabilizer can prove itself handy especially when you are holding the camera by hand, reducing the incidence of blur on your pictures. On video, this camera is no slouch either. Video quality is rated up to 720p HD at 30 frames per second with stereo sound recording. What’s more, you can use the zoom while taking the video. And because of its quiet zoom motor, you can zoom in/out without fearing it may interfere with the sound recording.

But in the next part of this Canon Powershot SX130 IS review, we’ll tell why this camera is a good match for both beginners and advanced photographers. An awesome Easy Mode turns this camera into the ideal point and shoot. The Smart Auto identifies up to 28 different shooting conditions and adjust settings accordingly for ideal shooting contrast. Even the flash levels can be automatically adjusted. But for those who are either experienced or adventurous, a wide selection of manual controls is available for use.

To cap this Canon Powershot SX130 IS review, it is safe to say that both beginners and serious photographers can enjoy this camera. Simple to use and big in quality, it provides a good intermediate between a point-and-shoot and a professional camera.