Canon Powershot SX130 IS Review: The Best Travel-Zoom Camera for Beginners and Serious Photographers

Canon has always been known to create cameras that are user friendly yet still more than capable of giving rock solid performance out of the box. One of the best cameras to encapsulate Canon’s dual identity as makers of simple yet competent cameras is the Canon Powershot SX130 IS. Boasting high quality picture and video capability with a simple interface, this is the type of camera that both beginners and serious photographers can appreciate. But is it good enough for travel purposes? We’ll see in this Canon Powershot SX130 IS Review.

This camera was first released in 2010 as the most inexpensive camera in their product line that features a megazoom feature. Two other cameras that are closely related to it include the SX210 IS and the SD4500 IS. Priced at 249 dollars during the time of its release, it is a very cost effective way to have a digital camera. So at least on the surface, this Canon Powershot SX130 IS review is progressing quite nicely. But what else can this camera provide?

Arguably the best thing it can provide is strong photo quality that can give more expensive cameras a run for its money. Its sensor is rated at 12.1 megapixels, an optical zoom that reaches up to 12x, and optical image stabilization. The image stabilizer can prove itself handy especially when you are holding the camera by hand, reducing the incidence of blur on your pictures. On video, this camera is no slouch either. Video quality is rated up to 720p HD at 30 frames per second with stereo sound recording. What’s more, you can use the zoom while taking the video. And because of its quiet zoom motor, you can zoom in/out without fearing it may interfere with the sound recording.

But in the next part of this Canon Powershot SX130 IS review, we’ll tell why this camera is a good match for both beginners and advanced photographers. An awesome Easy Mode turns this camera into the ideal point and shoot. The Smart Auto identifies up to 28 different shooting conditions and adjust settings accordingly for ideal shooting contrast. Even the flash levels can be automatically adjusted. But for those who are either experienced or adventurous, a wide selection of manual controls is available for use.

To cap this Canon Powershot SX130 IS review, it is safe to say that both beginners and serious photographers can enjoy this camera. Simple to use and big in quality, it provides a good intermediate between a point-and-shoot and a professional camera.