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Logo Design Tips

The company’s ideas, nature, values, and its vision for the future are things that a company logo should represent. Logos should be able to create an impression in people’s mind about a company and its values. In a logo people should be able to relate to a company’s quality and values. If you want to build your company’s brand image, then it is important to have a unique and timeless logo design.

A design might be a masterpiece but may not be good on a logo. Do not make a mistake of having a logo that simply shows the designing skills of the designer. The elements that form the logo design should speak about the company and that is how your company through your logo is judged. Here are some tips in making a logo that will be something that people will remember because of its uniqueness.

You should have a logo that is better than your competitors. It must be unique in such a way that people relate that logo to only one company and they are not confused to which company the logo belongs to.

Logo fads and trends may be there for now, but will soon die out and so experts suggest not to follow them. A great logo design is not only unique but timeless which means that it stands the test of time and will be there as long as your company exists.

One great example is the logo of Mercedes Benz which is a simple three-pointed star. And this has been their logo for the last 80 years or so. This logo has survived in people’s minds through all the wars and economic down turns, and it is one of the most recognized logos worldwide.

Do not ever copy or get inspiration from the logo of another company. You can be sued over trademark violations and you are giving a message to the world that you don’t have your own company identity.

Your logo should be designed in such a way that it looks equally good and equally compact on all forms of display items like brochures, magazine, business cards, and websites. A good logo is something that people can read texts on which is neither too big nor too small.

There is beauty in simplicity. If you use simple fonts for your logo, people can easily read it. Use less than three colors and have minimal variations in the fonts that you use. You can spoil your image by too many colors or too many fonts, and those who see your logo will hardly remember it.

You can still express your company’s business, culture, values, and vision with a simple, unique and adaptable logo design.

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